Steve's Story


This past winter I heard Amanda speaking on a podcast, and it caught my interest.  The story, the journey and what this person was really about interested me.  I contacted Amanda and set up an interview.  I’m thankful I did!  

Amanda has helped me overcome so much in such a short time.  I feel like my life is finally back in order.  I have better confidence in dealing with customers, friends and family members.  Before I met Amanda, I felt this tremendous weight on me at all times.  That is now gone.  I feel quite at ease on a daily basis, and I’ve been able to introduce many new things into my life including prioritizing things.  It’s something I couldn’t do well ever. 

I now can do it with ease and the things Amanda has taught me I’m able to use them on a daily basis.  I never thought I needed a coach to help me through life and maybe you are having those thoughts too.  Erase them and put your mind at ease and invest in yourself.  

Email or visit Amanda’s website today!  I am proof of what a good coach means in your life.

-- Steve G., Los Angeles, CA

Kevin's Story


It took spending the night in the emergency room, discovering I'd had a heart attack, and becoming depressed about being unable to run anymore; for me to realize that I needed a Wellness Coach.

Along comes my friend Amanda who asks if I would be willing to do some coaching sessions to see where I'm at and what we can change. I decided it was best.  Never did I think it would help me like it did.  We would set up weekly and monthly goals and then have coaching sessions over the phone.  Amanda not only helped me discover me the true value of life, she helped me realize that I had to start with myself.  

As our sessions progressed we set new goals that I had to accomplish, which I wanted to beat, but I also wanted to make sure I did them right and didn't push myself along too quick.  Those months of coaching, setting goals, calls, email and texts made me become the person I am today.  I honestly don't think I'd be in this high-quality state of life if I didn't have the help of a few people,  especially Amanda.  When you're going through life battling depression and conflicting decisions and someone throws you a life preserver, that's what Wellness Coaching is like.

Things are in perspective for me now. You only live once, and it took me 30 years to realize what's really important in life.  Everyone has their own story and it's up to you to write it. Along the way, you might need someone to help you turn that page.  I'm a firm believer people are put in your life for a reason and I can't thank Amanda enough for what she has done for me.

-- Kevin E., Pittsburgh PA

John's Story


Working with Amanda was great. I only don't work with her now because I've moved, but I often miss her positivity and her push for me to eat well, live well. We still talk and she's still checking in on my health, being encouraging, making sure I'm not getting sick again. 

I used to be in the hospital for issues with my gastro every month for a few years. I had gained a lot of weight, was eating terribly and was getting very busy with work. All of that became toxic and my body responded by shutting down. 

I worked with another coach on my diet, my lifestyle - and Amanda and I had become friends. I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to her healthy take on life and food, so I ended up firing my current coach and Amanda started the next day. 

I lost 70lbs from August 2016 to Feb 2017 - by eating healthy, cutting out all the junk and working out with Amanda. I haven't been back to the hospital and my gastro has 0 issues. It's basically fine at this point. 

Amanda saved my life. She might not know it, but it was miserable. If I could suggest that everyone work with her, I would. 

--John R., Oakland, CA