About Me


Amanda Bo is a 28-year-old Health and Wellness Coach in Las Vegas, Nevada whose passion in life is helping others learn how to live happy and healthy lives. Amanda has transitioned from being a tattoo model to having a professional career in the health field. This was realized through her own journey of health behavior change. Unsatisfied with the lack of authenticity in the entertainment industry, she took a step back from modeling to focus on completing her bachelors of science degree. Amanda took the theories and constructs of wellness coaching and applied them to her life, embarking on her own change process. This was a time of much pain and many lessons for her. Despite the discomfort caused by what it takes to change, it was this time of tribulation that ignited Amanda’s fire to serve others and bring holistic wellness into the lives of others. Spirit aflame with her undergraduate degree and board certification in hand, she emerged from the hiatus mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually stronger than ever. 

Coming from a rural town of low socioeconomic status, Amanda knows what it is like to struggle. In her youth, there were times when she experienced the health detriments and frustrations of a food stamp and food bank diets. Growing up on foods that are shelf-stable, high in refined sugar, and processed carbohydrates left her overweight and unhealthy. Later in her early 20’s, she cared for her parents as they went through their own struggles with health. Those times of hospital and doctor visits literally scared Amanda healthy. She knew that she wanted to live a long full life and did not want others to bear the burden of her being in poor health. She changed her lifestyle, diet, and habits to lose 30 pounds, going from 180 pounds to 150 when she was 19 years old. Because she has faced her own challenges and gone through her own weight loss and lifestyle transformation, she is equipped with experiential knowledge in addition to her professional expertise. 

Even though Amanda had always been a natural caregiver, it wasn’t until her father’s diagnosis of type II diabetes that her mission became to help others along their own health journeys. Amanda truly believes that it is the right of every person to experience a life that is disease and discomfort free and filled with satisfaction and happiness. This is why she chose to become a Health and Wellness coach, and not just a personal trainer, nutritionist, or therapist. The current health care system in the United States is one of division and does not take into account the patient as a whole person, rather is deconstructs them into pieces. This is where the Wellness Coach steps in to bridge the gap between doctor’s office visits and everyday life. Amanda is confident that health and wellness coaching is the best way to reach our healthy lifestyle goals because it takes into account every dimension of a person’s health and life. 

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch one of Amanda’s Instagram or Facebook live motivational sessions, you know that she’s bringing value, but not messing around. Raised military style on tough love, Amanda won’t sugar-coat things for her clients. She’s ready for people to wake up, take charge of their lives, and commit to health. She will push you, stretch you, and ask you to dig deeper. Using her strengths of perspective, authenticity, and intuition, Amanda helps clients achieve their goals and realize their wellness visions for their lives. 

Amanda Bo is making her debut as a Health and Wellness Coach and entrepreneur. You can expect much more from her as she builds her empire one happy, healthy, positive, and productive client at a time. If you’re seeking better health and a lifestyle change, make a connection with her on her social media accounts, @amanda_bo_ on Instagram and Twitter, @AmandaBoModel on Facebook, or send her an email at Amanda@amandabo.com.